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Crash Course Neurology, 4th Edition

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Now celebrating over 10 years of success - Crash Course has been specially devised to help you get through your exams with ease.

Completely revised throughout, the new edition of Crash Course is perfectly tailored to meet your needs by providing everything you need to know in one place. Clearly presented in a tried and trusted, easy-to-use, format, each book in the series gives complete coverage of the subject in a no-nonsense, user-friendly fashion.

Commencing with 'Learning Objectives', each chapter guides you succinctly through the topic, giving full coverage of the curriculum whilst avoiding unnecessary and often confusing detail. Each chapter is also supported by a full artwork programme, and features the ever popular 'Hints and Tips' boxes as well as other useful aide-mémoires. All volumes contain an up-to-date self-assessment section which allows you to test your knowledge and hone your exam skills.

Authored by students or junior doctors - working under close faculty supervision - each volume has been prepared by someone who has recently been in the exam situation and so relates closely to your needs. So whether you need to get out of a fix or aim for distinction Crash Course is for you!!

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Key Features

  • More than 200 tables and illustrations present clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an easy-to-follow manner
  • Friendly and accessible approach to the subject makes learning especially easy
  • Written by junior doctors for students - authors who understand exam pressures
  • Contains ‘Hints and Tips’ boxes, and other useful aide-mémoires
  • Succinct coverage of the subject enables ‘sharp focus’ and efficient use of time during exam preparation
  • Contains a fully updated self-assessment section - ideal for honing exam skills and self-testing
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New to This Edition

    • Self-assessment section fully updated to reflect current exam requirements
    • Contains ‘common exam pitfalls’ as advised by faculty
    • Crash Courses also available electronically!
    • Online self-assessment bank also available - content edited by Dan Horton-Szar!


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Author Information

By Mahinda Yogarajah, PhD MRCP MBBS BSc, Clinical Research Fellow, Institute of Neurology (University College London) and National Society for Epilepsy (NSE)Back To Top

Customer Reviews

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Crash Course Neurology
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  • Pages: 320
  • Imprint: Mosby Ltd.
  • ISBN: 9780723436478
  • Copyright: 2013
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