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The Flesh and Bones of Medical Cell Biology

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The Flesh and Bones of Medical Cell Biology presents a concise, accessible account of the cellular and molecular biological aspects of biochemistry. This title covers all the key concepts medical students need with no gaps. It can be used either as an introduction to a topic, or as a revision aid. In Section 1, The Big Picture overview gives a descriptive overview of a subject in 8pp. In the High Yield section, 50 fundamental principles underlying a subject are set out. These 50 principles are expanded into double-page spreads in the 'Fleshed Out' section where double-page explanations of the key principles clearly convey what medical students need to know. Difficult concepts are depicted by cartoon-strip illustrations, which enable rapid understanding and assimilation of information.

There is a separate volume that covers metabolic aspects of the subject.

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Key Features

  • Big Picture Section - enables readers to relate detail to the subject as a whole
  • High Return Facts - prevents students from having large gaps in their knowledge. Can be used as a revision tool. Reinforces the major points.
  • Cartoon-strip illustrations - enable students to visualize difficult concepts in a step-by-step format. Allow information to be chunked into student-friendly sizes.
  • Double-page overviews - students can read summary of topic without cross-referencing to other pages. All laid out on one spread.
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    Published Reviews

    The Richard Asher Prize Winner at The Royal Society of Medicine & The Society of Authors’ Medical Book Awards
    “An excellent undergraduate student book. Clearly written, well illustration and accurate.” Back To Top

    Author Information

    By Robert I. Norman, BSc, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Medical Biochemistry, Department of Medicine, University of Leicester, UK; and David Lodwick, BSc, PhD, Lecturer in Medical Biology, Department of Medicine, University of Leicester, UKBack To Top

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    The Flesh and Bones of Medical Cell Biology
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    • Pages: 132
    • Trim Size: 280 X 216 mm
    • Imprint: Mosby
    • ISBN: 9780723433675
    • Copyright: 2007
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